Will America go the way of Sodom?

By Darren Morrison

There was a society that cast GOD aside and slipped into gross darkness. They despised the Light and thus attached every kind of evil spirit. Law and order collapsed and every man became a law unto himself. A society that abandons moral values will go headlong into hell. There was no honor, no decency and no integrity left among them; they had no reverence for life either. As justice and kindness faded away, they became filled with lust and licentiousness. They sneered at virtue. They scoffed at the fear of GOD. They mocked the righteous. They became totally inhospitable. They had no pity for the poor and unprotected. All spiritual desire was extinguished and materialism and lust became their GOD’s. They were no longer shocked at anything and so the vilest, bloodiest crimes were accepted as normal behavior. I am describing Sodom a place that America is quickly becoming like.

Those of us who know the bible know of Sodom’s end. Homosexuals came out of the closets then became activists thus casting demonic spells over a whole generation of men and boys. They grew politically powerful controlling everything. Sodom became the world’s gay capitol of their time, a society so vile, wicked and crazed with violence that their sin thundered into heaven. We have in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah one of the saddest massages ever delivered to mankind. It was a message of the coming judgment of two cities: Sodom and Gomorrah. Will it someday soon fall upon America as well?

America does not have to play a part in the prophesies of the second coming. There is no indication in the Bible that America has to play a part. Some argue that America is not in the last days while others argue that it is. What I believe is America can survive if she turns away from wickedness or else she will fall. America will be destroyed, maybe not by fire falling from the sky but perhaps an invasion from the red Chinese, Civil war, The United Nations could use our own military might against us, The Communists who are already infiltrated in south America could attack us. Any number of scenarios could happen to end this Great Republic.

America likes to look back at our founders. America became a country, which had great Christian roots. And many moral Christian folks rose up against some of the injustices in order to free the slaves and stop the mass murder of American Indians. People who came out of the great depression fought against two evil empires in world war two making the world a safer place to live in. Sodom as well had great roots they were the sons of Ham Genesis 10:19-20. They could trace back there founding to Noah a man who believed and followed GOD. They could clearly trace back their roots to the only family spared by the flood. The point is just because there were great people of the past don’t mean they are great several generations later.

The people of Sodom were full of self much like many Americans are today. They had pride of their great society, a land of plenty and a place of idleness Ezekiel 16:48-50. They lived lives of luxury as we do here in America. We live a soft living today even the poorest Americans live better than most of the world. America is a land of abundance just as Sodom was in her day. We spend idle time not working or fellowshipping with GOD. More and more Americans have less and less pity on the needy just as the people in Sodom did.

In Americans are rabidly becoming a faithless society just as Sodom was Jeremiah 23:14. We were once a nation built upon a faith in GOD just look at our coins that say “In “GOD we trust”. Religion was at the forefront of this nations society of most of its first 200 years. We were a country where freedom to express your religion was a freedom we all shared. But now just to say “GOD bless you” seems out of place. Crosses are being torn down. The government is forcing churches closed. Separation of church and state once meant that the government can not interfere with a religion but now it means people can not publicly display there faith especially if they are within the government. Secularism is forced on our school children making them question their parent’s faith. As America turns its back on GOD, so shall GOD turn his back on America?

America is full of filth like Sodom was Genesis 13:13. In larger cites the parks at night have become homosexual meeting places where closet queers can meet and commit the vilest acts. The rest areas on our nations highways have become places of sodomy. We have adult movie arcades where perverts can meet each other discreetly. The Internet is so full of filth it would make your head spin. America is the worlds larges produce of porn hands down. Girls dress like harlots today and it is stylish for boys to dress like junkies with baggie pants and the underwear showing. If you look around you will see America is becoming just like Sodom Genesis 19:1-10.

Not only was their sin filthy and awful but also boasted of them Genesis 18:20. In Sodom they cried out of their grievous sins and in America there are Gay pride parades and gay festivals. There is no shame among the perverts anymore. The Pedophiles have joined the ranks of the homosexuals with a Boulder Colorado based organization called North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). In many ways America has become just like Sodom Isaiah 3:9. It is just as the bible said, woe to those who call evil good and good evil Isaiah 5:20. That is just what is happening in America Fundamentalist Christians are ridiculed while homosexual perverts are glorified.

Just look at the country we live in today not the country it once was or what it could be. A lady who cannot speak for herself because she has brain damage was killed. While Terri Shivo’s family was willing to take care of her, a liberal activist judge wanted her dead. Her adulterous husband acts as a spokesman for Euthanasia an activist judge who has no morals or one shred of respect for human life Judge Greer. Millions of Babies die each year because they have no value to selfish people. Violent criminals are given humane treatment but the most innocent of us all are being brutally slaughtered. In Waco Texas a group of religious folks are killed because they embarrassed the government. Women and children were killed and the government was caught red handed yet the liberal defended their lies to support the perverted President.

Millions of Babies are killed in America just because they were an inconvenience. America rushes to liberate the Iraqi people because they have oil but does nothing to stop the evil governments of Rwanda, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea and other oppressive places. A child was torn from his family in Florida and taken to Cuba to be re-educated and America let the communist armed guards keep his father at gunpoint in our country. A man in Idaho had his whole family gunned down by federal agents because he sawed the barrel down on two shotguns, and then accused him of being a racist, which was a lie. A President cheats on his wife and lies under oath to the American People and congress is too spineless to impeach him.

America is a land where sin is celebrated alcohol is pushed on television and at sporting events. The safe sex lie is pushed on our children is public schools. Gluttony is a huge problem and America is the fattest nation on earth. American people are in debt up to their ears. Materialism is the GOD of the land. People have so much stuff they have to rent storage units or fill their garages up with stuff. We have become so full of ourselves. American people are becoming very rude. I can relate a story told to may Pastor of a Women in Detroit who were nurses back in the 50’s could ride a bus across town change buses downtown and never fear for her life. Today she would not dare make that journey. We have ghettos created by the welfare system. We have become a nation of spoiled brats with violent tempers.

If things do not change in America; if we do not repent we will only get worse. America will someday become a killing field, much like that of the Khmer Rouge. America is much like the Weimar Republic was, where homosexuality was common and pornography was a bad as it is today. And we all know what rose out of that. That time they complained about the Jews this time they are complaining in the same way against Fundamentalist Christians. No not all Christians; those that ordain woman and homosexuals are praised by the liberals. Those churches that preach against their sin are fair game for the hatred. They ridicule you today and tomorrow they will be violent toward you mark my words.

If things do not change we are in trouble, when I say “we” I mean GOD fearing, born again washed in the blood, repented of our sins Christians. We have really only had about 200 years where Christian could practice their faith without persecution. A short time in the 2,000 years of Christianly. In Europe we were first persecuted by the Pagans and then by the state churches. It was only because of the liberty this country was blessed with that we have enjoyed such religious freedoms here. In Muslim countries and Marxist countries Christians are heavily persecuted. Christians do not understand the blessings we have to live in this nation but our laziness is going to put us all in harms way again.

But you know it does not have to be like that. I did not write this only to bring a downer and a sense of hopelessness to good Christian folks. You see I believe there is hope for America yet. We can turn back the tides. America will not go down in flames because of the homosexuals or the Alcohol Pushers like bud-dumber. America will not commit suicide because of Abortion Doctors or the Porn industry. America will not have to say the end because of some adulterous president or liberal judges. No America will die because of us Christians not doing anything about it.

That is right I believe it is the fault of us Christians for the state America is in. so many churches do little any more. God says “II CHRONICLES 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”. Notice one very important piece of wording here. It says my people who are called by my name. Some say well this is in the Old Testament so GOD is talking to the Jews here. I do not think so you see Jews are called by Judah’s name that is the word Jew derives from. Even the word Israeli comes from Israel a name given to Jacob. But the title Christian comes from Christ and Christ is GOD so we are called by his name. God said if we as Christians would humble ourselves and pray he will heal our land. I believe if the Sodomites and the Alcohol pushers and baby killers would see us humble ourselves they might be willing to stop.

America is doomed if good people do nothing. I for one do not want to see America die. American needs to survive. The number one reason for me is America is the place where the Gospel is spread around the world. America supports more missionaries worldwide than any other country in the world. Because of American churches the gospel is in every language known and there are American born people giving out the gospel in even the most hostile and dark places. These missionaries need us for their support if America falls to the hands of the liberals that want to make America some sort of Marxist state our missionaries could loss their support. America needs to be great capital nation as long as it can.

We live in a land that has seen its share of blessings from GOD. America is a place of riches we live better than most people in the whole world. People who think they are poor live better that half the people of the world in this country. America is truly a great nation. With the riches this country has been granted we have also been curse with a false since of security. I believe the riches of this nation are as a result of prayer and Godly people. This is also as a result of our religious freedom. A freedom that many liberals are fighting to take away from us.

So how do we save this great nation from peril. We obviously need to change ourselves. We can no longer just sit at home and watch America go down while watching Television. We need to be active. There is an old saying that still rings true “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. You rest assured the enemies are not just sitting around. Liberals will fight back. I have seen liberal physically attack a man in a wheel chair because he was a Vietnam vet and a supporter of the Iraq war. The liberals will call you a racist even though you are not just because you stand up for values. “I TIMOTHY 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses”.

We need to pray for this county Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have. Abraham prayed to GOD for the people of Sodom and he didn’t even live there. We live here in this country. Abraham prays on down to 10 people to who were right with GOD. We need pray in behalf of America. JAMES 5:16 says an effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Get right yourself. Right now pray for forgiveness then pray for this land.

Not only must we pray we must also humble ourselves as it is written in II CHRONICLES 7:14. To humble ourselves is to lower ourselves. Yes we are saved and yes all our sins are cleansed if we have repented and believed. But although we are no longer lost sinners we are still no better than anyone else. Salvation does not make us any better than anyone else it just means we do not get what we deserve. You see without Jesus we are just lowly sinners. When Jesus washed the apostles feet he was showing them their need to be humble. The King of Kings lowered himself to the level of a servant and washed their feet. Do we need to wash people’s feet, No but we need to have that sort of heart towards others. We need to be a servant to the church and we need to love sinners enough to tell them they need to repent and believe in the LORD Jesus Christ.

I love America and I am willing to humble myself and pray for it. We as Christians need to learn to be humble. America is a land of plenty we need to share what we got or else the socialist will take it from us and share it for us and take some for themselves as they always do. America does not have to go the way of Sodom but it will if nothing changes.