The Mark of the Beast
       End Time Overcomers
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The Mark of the Beast            is coming! 
     Bible prophecy
         tells us so.
    In the "midst" of the seven last years leading up to the return of the Lord, the Antichrist will establish what is commonly called the Mark of the Beast.  He will issue a decree ordering everyone on earth to receive a mark in "their right hand or in their forehead" (Rev. 13:16).
    The Mark will identify those who allow themselves to accept the terms of the decree; those who will have given themselves over to his demands; those who are willing to live by his rules and obey his laws and commandments.
    There will be those, however, who will not give in to him; and who will not obey him.  They are the true church on earth, the Overcomers, the faithful few who will "endure unto the end" (Matt. 24:13).

    In the time of the end, in the last of the last days, a worldwide economic crisis will occur that will result in a political upheaval.  The nations of the world will be hard-pressed to find a solution; and will most likely try to protect their own interests at the expense of others.  People all over the world will clamor for a solution.
    The stage will then be set for the Antichrist, also called "the man of sin" (II Thess. 2:3) to tell the world that he has the answer to the problem.  He will offer an economic solution that will sound good; and will require that everyone take part in his system (See Rev. 13:16).  He may say that the only way to survive is to live within the world economy he will establish.  He will, in some way, take over all means of production, distribution, and sales of essential goods; and will control wages and prices, so that nothing is done outside his will (See Rev. 13:17).
    He may use many different ways to present himself; but he will not come out in the open and advertise himself as the Antichrist.  He will be very deceptive.  He won't say, "I'm the Antichrist.  Come get your Mark."  But, he will use the power and influence of his office, whether political or otherwise, to establish himself as credible and believable to the world.

    There's a lot of confusion in the minds of most people about just what the Mark will be; and Satan would have it no other way.  He loves to lead God's people astray!  He's a deceiver and a liar from the beginning; and he's hard at work creating a diversion to keep people from knowing the truth.
    Most people, when they think of the Mark of the Beast, symbolized by the number 666 as shown above on this page, think of an identification card, a laser mark, or a tattoo of some sort.  But, don't be deceived, the focus on these kinds of physical things is a diversion from what is really important. 
    The Mark of the Beast (See Rev. 13:16-18) and the Seal, or name, of God, also mentioned in the Bible (See Rev. 7:3 & 14:1) are both spiritual marks.  They're not membership cards, ID cards; or some sort of literal tattoo, laser marks, or even an implant under the skin.  There will not be a 666 tattooed on the hand or in the forehead of people; any more than the name of God will on those who are sealed by - and to - God. 
    It is true that a physical object will, at some point in time, be used to identify the people that have already taken the Mark; but the true Mark of the Beast that will take you to hell is not a physical mark. 
    It's the act of giving yourself over to the Antichrist.  It's the spiritual opposite of giving yourself to the God of heaven.  Those who choose to look to God for their every need will receive his mark "in their foreheads" (Rev. 14:1); and those who decide for the Antichrist will receive his "mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads" (Rev. 13:16).
    Think about it for a minute.  A physical mark in the "right hand or in the forehead," or a membership card, or any other physical object, has no power over anyone; and therefore has no meaning.  You could have laser marks, or tattoos, put all over your body: under your skin, in your hand, or in your forehead; but those physical marks will not affect your soul.  You could be marked from head to foot; and it would have no bearing on your belief in the Almighty God.  It would not affect the state of your heart: your innermost belief.

    Everyone on earth will be required to make a decision (See Joel 3:14); and once the decision is made there is no turning back (See Rev. 14:9-11).  Taking the Mark of the Beast is an abomination to God; and like blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (See Matt. 12:31), there is no forgiveness for it.
    Remember these things about the Mark of the Beast:
         1. It will have to do with economics: with the ability to "buy or sell" in the world       economy of the Antichrist,
         2. It won't be advertised as "the Mark of the Beast;" but as a way to survive in a collapsing and chaotic world economy,
         3. It will be presented in a very deceptive way.  Satan is a liar; and the Antichrist will be his right-hand man on earth,
         4. It will be your decision to take part in the Antichrist's economy that will give you the true Mark of the Beast,
         5. A physical object (ID card, etc.) that identifies a person as part of the Antichrist's world system will come later; but it's the decision that will take you to hell; and,
         6. Taking the Mark of the Beast damns you forever.  There is no repentance from it.

    The bottom line is this:-
    When the time comes that a decree is made - or an offer is given - that would require you to agree to anything in order to "buy or sell," - Don't do it!!!
    Look to God!  This will truly be your last chance.      

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