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The dictionary defines a "project"
as "a proposal, an undertaking, to propose a plan of action."

This webpage is available for projects - proposals, recommended undertakings, and/or plans of action. - for the possible involvement of people who might visit this website: primarily for those who hold to a belief in a Post-tribulation Rapture of the Church.

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List of Projects
1. Request for Church History Stories
2. A Call to Revolution
3. Post-trib vs. Pre-trib Rapture Debate
4. Post-tribulation End Time Conference


Request for Church History Stories
By Donald Gee of California

In 1981, I was a part of a small church plant in San Diego, California that was from Alaska called "Abbott Loop Community Chapel.  Historical:  Present:  They had something like 75 to 100 outreaches around Alaska and the lower 48 states.
Back in the late 1960s to about the mid-'80s, lots of full gospel/charismatic/pentecostal - non-denominational types of churches were springing up everywhere (revival) and most that I knew of were not Pre-trib.  The Calvary Chapel churches were Pre-trib, but Gospel Outreach, the Vineyards, Shiloh, and others - as I remember - were not Pre-trib.
I can't help but wonder what the Church History Stories are with the members of the Post-trib Directory on - and of Post-trib believers in general.  I want to invite everyone of Post-trib persuasion to weigh-in about their church roots - and how they came to be Post-tribulation in their beliefs.  I would love to hear their story.  So, please send your Church History Story to me - Donald Gee - E-mail:
We may have some differences, but I think we all share the concern that the Pre-trib Rapture doctrine only sets saints up for deception and possibly being a part of the great falling away as spoken of in II Thessalonians 2.


A Call to Revolution
By Christopher Mantei of Delaware

The Call
War is upon us.  The Church, especially in the West, is retreating - not advancing.  Radical Islam is Satan's religion and weapon against God's people.  Its spirit is tangible - even among world leaders: heavy and oppressive, intimidating and cowing.  The very Spirit of Antichrist.  It will not be a revolution of "politics" or "culture" or "society.," but rather an army of Elijahs facing down the gathering Darkness until the day when the Light himself sits in Jerusalem to rule the nations.  In full knowledge we can do nothing in our own power, the time for "Christian Radicalization" has arrived - and we are called to Revolt.

Command Structure
Jesus the Messiah is our only King/Commander-in-Chief.  The Holy Spirit is our Central Intelligence Agency.  The Father's will is all we advance.  We are a worldwide army of peers - one Body with various functions.  "WingsOfTheEagle" was created for the express purpose of facilitating the communication and networking needs of the leaders of this End Time Revolution.  Qualifications to be a leader: "If anyone wants to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all."

How to Fight the Enemy
The enemy is not other people, but Satan and his supernatural army of world powers.  Our weapons are not of the flesh, but we are fighting a very real war in the spirit realm.  The Enemy must be resisted and engaged at all levels, even in our own individual flesh.  Examples of resistance include: Witnessing, Exhortation and Deliverance.  The Way of the Cross is the way of suffering and martyrdom.  Loving not our lives to the death is how we will Overcome.  The orders of our Lord to preach the Gospel to the lost are non-negotiable.  Even the enemies of God on earth must be offered repentance and salvation.  The worst-case scenario is not your death with Jesus, it is their death without him.  If we embrace nationalism or self-preservation, we lose our prophetic voice and will fall.  This is a Revolation in all nations, but not of - or for - any nation, and not for ourselves.

Proclamations of the Revolution
We strive to be totally committed, set apart in holiness, now; and in the time the Lord described as "unlike anything that has happened from the beginning of the world until now, or ever will happen."  We boldly proclaim that the Church will face the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation - and are working in strategic expectation of those days.  We are prepared to bring our witness before kings and rulers - come what may.  We commit to assisting any fellow Christian who is being persecuted due to their faith.  We will not only pray for them, but provide for their physical needs.

Implementation Steps
Organize into units based on geography and specialty (talents).  Get introduced to, or become, a National or Regional coordinator.  There are currently 350+ spread over 13 nations on our website:  Meet with others as often as possible for fellowship and for the Holy Spirit to work with us as a team.  Acquire donations of finances, places of refuge, land.  Step out in faith to the be the man or woman of God that he has always called you to be.  The Density of the final generation of the Saints of God is near.  For discussion or more information, contact us at our e-mail address:


Post-trib vs. Pre-trib Rapture Debate
By Morgan Sorensen of Tennessee

Debate Title: "Will the Church See the Antichrist before the Rapture?"
Date of debate: SaturdayJune 25, 2016
Time of Debate: 5:00 to 8:00 pm
Admission: Free
Location of debate: Franklin Vineyard Church, 308 Jordan Rd., Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: (615) 595-9355
(about 30 miles south of Nashville)

Morgan Sorensen, Post-trib Rapture advocate (, will debate Dr. Thomas Ice of the Pre-trib Research Center ( on the scriptural basis for the timing of the Rapture of the Church. 
Kerby Anderson, President of Probe Ministries ( and visiting professor at the Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, will be the moderator of the debate.

Dear Post-trib believers: Your prayers and your financial support are coveted and desired.  Please pray for the truth to be shown at this debate - and please begin now to set aside some money to help defray the costs of this venture. 
For information on how to help with the costs of this debate, contact Morgan Sorensen at  Donations can also be sent to: Morgan Sorensen Ministries, P.O. Box 1925, Spring Hill, TN 37174.


Post-tribulation End Time Conference
By Evangelist Anthony Ben

Conference Theme: "The Great Awakening" (The Antichrist at the door)
Date of Conference: May 11 - 13, 2016
Location of Conference: Believers Camp of Faith, Oweri, Imo State, Nigeria

Evangelist Anthony Ben of the Endtime Global Evangelistic Ministry ( has planned a Post-tribulation Conference as desceibed above.  He is requesting the support of Post-trib believers everwhere - both through prayer and through financial help.  For information on how to help with the costs of this conference, contact Evangelist Anthony Ben at

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