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Books on Prophecy

I, John  (A Commentary on the Revelation)
Purchase paperback, 317 pages; $22.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $11.00
This is a verse-by-verse commentary on the Book of Revelation presented from a Post-tribulation Rapture point-of-view.
It includes discussion of who John was that received the Revelation, the probable time in which it was received and written, a look at possible interpretations of the meaning and purpose of the Revelation, and other issues related to this magnificent, symbolic work.
In this presentation, the main body of the Revelation is shown as a series of Seven Visions - each with its own story to tell, and each ending with the Return of the Lord or an event heralding that Return - Seven Visions all rolled into one great, glorious truth given on the Isle of Patmos to John by Jesus Christ.

The Prophetic Feasts of Israel  (The Appointed Times)
Purchase paperback, 103 pages: $8.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
In the Hebrew language, the word "feasts" literally means "appointed times."  God appointed Seven Feasts for the Hebrew people to celebrate and to remember until the end of time.
Through those Seven Feasts, God not only spoke directly of his plan for mankind, but he also gave us some beautiful historical - and future - pictures of his plan of redemption and provision embedded within the precepts of the ancient Mosaic Law.
As we look at each of these Seven Feasts, we should not only be amazed and astonished at God's consistency and perfection in all that he does; but we should also realize that each event prophesied in the Seven Feasts has, thus far, unfolded perfectly and will continue to do so in the time to come.
The first Four Feasts were fulfilled in the days of Christ and the Early Church; but the last three await God's perfect timing for their fulfillment in the End Time.

Symbolism in the Bible  (Types, Parables & Numbers)
Purchase paperback, 189 pages: $12.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $6.00
If we allow it, the Bible speaks to us - just as God speaks to us; for it is the voice of God to those who know their God and know the ways of their God.
As the voice of our God - the one who brought us into this world - and the one who will take us out of this world, can we leave unturned any pebble of knowledge or wisdom that voice may offer to us?
Or, are we to be open to all that God may put before us - in plain speech - and in the deeper, fuller speech of symbolism in his Holy Word?

Prophecies of the Messiah (A Preponderance of Evidence)
Purchase paperback, 118 pages: $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
For Jew and Gentile alike.  For Jews and Christians alike.
There is a "preponderance of evidence" in the Bible - by way of prophecies given to man by God - about the identity of the Messiah of the Jews and the Christ of the Christians.
It is the purpose of this book to show that "preponderance of evidence" by linking Old Testament prophecies with New Testament fulfillment; with special sections devoted to the Prophetic Seven Feasts of Israel: in itself, an intriguing and inspiring study.

Views of the End Time (Volume One) 
Purchase paperback, 188 pages: $12.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $6.00
This book is a collection of articles by eleven different authors with varying viewpoints on the End Time as foretold in the Bible.
The subjects presented and discussed in this work include the Rapture of the Church, the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, Preparation for the End Time, the 144,000 of the Book of Revelation, the Mark of the Beast, and Letters to the Church.

Views of the End Time (Volume Two)
Purchase paperback, 191 pages: $12.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $6.00
This book is a collection of articles by fourteen different authors with varying viewpoints on the End Time as foretold in the Bible.
The subjects presented and discussed in this work include the Rapture of the Church, Babylon, The World Economy, Preparation for the Last Days, The Overcomers and Letters to the Church.

Pre-trib People Say...
Purchase paperback, 111 pages: $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
    Some years ago, there was a television show called "Kids Say the Darndest Things."  The host, Art Linkletter, would interview children, and it's true, they would say some pretty wild things.
    Pre-trib People do the same thing.  They say the darndest things to support their belief in a Pre-tribulation Rapture.
    This book responds to a number of the things they say; and ends up giving evidence that the Rapture of the Church will take place at the of the Tribulation - rather than before it comes - as the Pre-trib People say...

The Seven Last Years 
Purchase paperback, 254 pages: $16.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $8.00
    It's time for a wake-up call for the Church. 
    Before you assume you are not going through the Tribulation - Read this Book!!
    In it, the events of the Seven Last Years leading up to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ are described in the order they will happen.  It is not my purpose to set dates - or to name names - but it is my purpose to wake up the Church on earth; and to show that there are difficult times that lie ahead for the world and for the Church.
    It's time to get ready for those days - time to prepare to weather the storm; and to be worthy o fthe high calling of Jesus Christ: our Lord and our God.

The Time of the End
Purchase paperback, 145 pages: $10.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.80
    A storm is coming!
    A political, economic and religious storm of such proportions as never seen before!
    Out of the storm, a man will rise to power, establish the Mark of the Beast, and persecute the Church.  The time to prepare for a storm is before it arrives! 
    Have you ever asked yourself, "What is God's plan for the Church?"  "How will I know the Mark of the Beast when it comes?"  "What can I do to prepare?" 
    Are you ready for the storm?  What will be your response?  Will you be ready; or will you wait until it's too late? 
    This book is meant to be of help to those who are alert; and want to prepare for what lies ahead.  It offers such chapters as: "The Rapture of the Church," "The Spirit of Antichrist," "The Antichrist," "The Mark of the Beast," "Response of the Church" and "God's Plan for the Church." 

Revelation 7x7 
Purchase paperback, 210 pages: $14.40 plus S/H
Purchase eBook:: $7.20
   Difficult times lie ahead for the world and the Church.
    The Book of Revelation tells about that time; and about the final struggle between the Church and the evil of the world.  "Revelation 7x7" looks at the Book of Revelation as a series of seven visions folded into one; each with its own story to tell.  The seven visions within the Revelation speak of the signs of the times, define the Church, and describe God's plan for his people in the time of the end.
    In "Revelation 7x7," the real Mark of the Beast is discussed; and the need to refuse it is emphasized.  We also search for the nations and organizations in the world around us for the nation-beast of Revelation - and for Babylon.  And, most importantly, we explore how to prepare for the time that lies ahead.
    In short, this book will be a help to those who would be Overcomers!

The United States in Prophecy
Purchase paperback, 67 pages: $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20       
Is America in Bible Prophecy?  This book says the answer is a resounding "Yes!"
    But, it also shows that it is not where most Americans would like to think.  In "The United States in Prophecy," we look for the United States in the Bible - in four different prophecies - by five different prophets. 
    The role of the U.S. in end time events - and the Destiny of America - are seen from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

The Antichrist (His Rise, Reign, and Fall)
Purchase paperback, 64 pages: $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20
    Some day a baby will be born that will grow up to become the Antichrist of Bible prophecy.  If time is as short as many believe, he could be alive and well on planet earth at this very time.
    Have you ever wondered who the Antichrist is?  Have you ever wondered how we will know him when he comes?  How he will take power?  How long he will reign on earth - and how he will fall?
    This book is about the rise, reign, and eventual fall of that man.  And, it's about the wars he will fight to take power - and maintain his hold on earth.

The Mark of the Beast (Questions and Answers)
                        Purchase paperback, 53 pages: $6.40 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $2.80
    This is a book of Questions and Answers about the Mark of the Beast - and about the Antichrist who will establish the Mark.  It is, so to speak, "Everything you have always wanted to know about the Mark."
    What is the Mark of the Beast?  "Who is the Antichrist?"  "How will we know them when they come?" 
    These questions - and more - are presented, and answered, in a short, easy to read format.

Global Economic Collapse (...and what you can do about it)
                                 Purchase paperback, 55 pages, $6.40 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $2.80
    A worldwide economic collapse is coming!  Many believe it could be soon. 
    When it comes, it will be greater than the world has ever known.  It will make the Great Depression of the 1920s and 30s seem like "child's play." 
    This book deals with the history of economic down-turns; and describes a global world economy tha's in trouble.
    "Global Economic Collapse" tells about the "Big One" that's coming - and provides some helpful answers to the question - "What can I do about it?"

                            The New Testament Series

When Will He Come? (A Story of the Christ)
                                   Purchase paperback, 363 pages, $22.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook, $11.00
    This is a fictionalized, but reverent, story of the Christ.  And it is the story of James, the brother of the Lord. 
It is based on the lives of the two men and those around them, as recorded in the Holy Bible.  It contains a blending of the history, geography, religion, politics, and culture that surrounded and influenced the lives of Jesus, James and others. 
The beliefs and customs of the Jewish people, and the teaching of Jesus, are set against a backdrop of the politics of the time.

The Way (A Tale of Two Men)
Purchase paperback, 295 pages, $18.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $8.80
    This is a story of two men: a Jewish tent maker and a Syrian physician whose lives changed the world.  When their lives converged - when their paths crossed - they went on a journey that took them through most of the Roman Empire, from Troas in Asia to the mighty city of Rome, the capital of the Empire.
    It's a story of two men that brought a new idea, a new hope: a new way of life to humankind - and spread Christianity across the known world of the time.  It's a story of Paul and Luke, their lives and travels; and it's a story of how each man came to meet the one called Jesus of Nazareth.

Cephas (A Fisher of Men)
Purchase paperback, 265 pages, $16.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $8.00]
    This is a story of a fisherman from the Roman province of Galilee that came to follow Jesus of Nazareth.  It's the story of one of the men that came to build a new faith based on the teaching of the man from Nazareth.  And, it's the story of the early Christian Church in Jerusalem.
    Set amidst the religion, politics, and culture of the time, it is the story of Simon Peter, also called Cephas, "the Rock."

The Revelator (...and the Revelation)
Purchase paperback, 266 pages, $16.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $8.00
    This is a story of John, the beloved disciple of Jesus of Nazareth.  John was one of the first men to follow Jesus; and he was also one of the first to truly recognize Jesus as the Christ - as the Messiah.
    The story of this young fisherman from Galilee, his meeting with Jesus whom he came to know as God - and his life as a disciple of the Messiah - is set against the history, politics, and culture of the time in which they lived.
    "The Revelator" begins - and ends - on the Isle of Patmos where the beloved disciple became the recipient of a grand - and glorious - vision we have come to know as "The Book of Revelation."  At the end of the story of John, the Revelation itself is presented as a series of seven visions - each with its own story to tell - all rolled into one.

Teacher of Righteousness 
Purchase paperback, 275 pages, $17.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $8.40]
In 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in caves near Qumran, Israel.  Those scrolls were eventually connected to a Jewish Sect called the Essenes who looked for a great Teacher of Righteousness to be born. 
Because of the teachings in the scrolls, speculation arose whether Jesus of Nazareth was, in fact, the Teacher of Righteousness the Essenes longed for and waited for.
This book suggests that Jesus was either part of that sect - or, at the very least, was strongly influenced by the Essene teaching.
Nothing in this book, however, is meant to detract from the fact that Jesus is the Messiah, the long awaited Christ - and, in that sense, is truly the "Teacher of Righteousness."

The Old Testament Series

Moses and the Christ
Purchase paperback, 113 pages, $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
    This is a story of Moses and the Christ.  It takes place in a small Jewish school in Bethlehem where Rabbi Manasseh ben Josiah is telling the story of Moses to twelve young boys. 
    Throughout the story, at strategic points, parallels are shown between the life of Moses, the savior of the Jews - and the life of Jesus, the savior of the world.
    The young boys are learning about Moses; but by the time the lessons are over, they learn far more than even their teacher could have known.

Abraham and the Christ
Purchase paperback, 68 pages, $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20
    This book tells the story of Abraham as presented in the Holy Bible.  It also tells the story of Jesus of Nazareth and a merchant named Ragau ben Urriah.
    Throughout the story, at strategic points, parallels are shown between the life of Abraham, the father of the Jews: a man without a country - and the life of Jesus, the founder of the Christian faith: a man not honored in his own country.

David and the Christ
Purchase paperback, 75 pages, $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20]
    This book tells the story of David as presented in the Holy Bible.
    Throughout the book, at strategic points, parallels are shown between the life of David, the king of the Jews - and the life of Jesus of Nazareth, the King of Kings.  Part of the story is set in Jerusalem where a beggar named Jonah sees things he has never seen before - as he watches Jesus heal some of his friends - and hears him teach.
    Before it's over, Jonah comes to a conclusion about this man:- a conclusion he never thought possible.

Other Books

The Gospel  [A Discussion of Christian Beliefs]
Purchase paperback, 137 pages: $12.50 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.80
The Gospel - the Good News that a Savior came to earth to reconcile mankind to God - has basically been preached in all the world.  But too many times, it has been changed from what was first presented to that world into a "watered down," diluted, and polluted version of the original Great Truth.
This book discusses most - if not all - of the important doctrines of Christianity, including such things as the virgin birth of Jesus, the resurrection, sin, forgiveness, and what could be two opposites of God: God's Grace and God's Wrath.
It is not the purpose of the author - nor is it the purpose of this book - to create more division within the Christian Church on earth (God knows there is enough of that) - but to aid in the thoughtful, responsible discussion of what we, as Christians, believe and why we believe what we do.

The Kingdom and the Church
Purchase paperback, 146 pages: $12.50 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.80
This book takes a look at the Kingdom of God - what it meant to the Jewish people of Jesus' time and earlier - and what it meant to the early Christian Church and later.  The differences between the Kingdom and the Church; and the similarities between the two are pointed out and discussed.
It should be no surprise to anyone who claims to be a Christian that the present-day Church is in trouble; and that God is calling out for it to return to Him - to return to that place called the Kingdom of God.
In this book, we consider what the Church once was, what it is today, and what it must become before the Return of the Lord.  As Paul the apostle said, It must be a "glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing;" and we, as the Church, must prepare to meet our God.

Why Choose Christianity?
Purchase paperback, 106 pages, $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
    "Why Choose Christianity" surveys world religions - all the way from man's need for religion, through primitive religion - to religions we have all heard of - and some that are not so well known. 
    The religions of the world are presented in a factual manner - and the question "Why Choose Christianity" should be in the reader's mind as he, or she, reads about each of them.
    The book ends with my personal story - the reason I chose Christianity.

The Generations of Jesus
Purchase paperback, 117 pages, $8.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.00
    Throughout the Bible, there are many bits of evidence that Jesus is the Christ - the Messiah.  This book endeavors to present an important bit of evidence of that truth; although it is one of the least noted of them all: the generations of Jesus. 
    Both Matthew and Luke, in their Gospels, present the lineage - or genealogy - of Jesus.  Each of them approaches the subjecct of who Jesus is from different perspectives; and together they show that Jesus is the Christ - the Messiah - the Savior of the world. 
    Along with the genealogy, Bible-based stories are told of the ancestors of Jesus - to show the kind of people God used to bring the Messiah into the earth.

The Threshing Floor (Relationships and Decisions)
Purchase paperback, 62 pages, $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20
    All of life is a Threshing Floor.  It is the relationships we enter into - and the decisions we make - that cause us to be either the wheat - or the chaff in the Threshing Floor of life.
    This book discusses what the Bible teaches about the relationships we, as Christians, should have with non-believers, including non-believing relatives.  It tells what Jesus taught about marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
    And, it cautions us to be careful - even more careful - about our relationships and decisions in this time of the end leading up to the returnof the Lord.

In the Beginning (Creation and Science)
Purchase paperback, 69 pages, $6.80 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $3.20
   This book reaches from the beginning to the End.  It blends the creation of God with the science that gives evidence of that creation.  In it, we also see how Adam, the first man, may have seen the days of God's creation.
    Throughout the story, scientific facts and theories taken from Astronomy, Anthropology, and Biology are included to confirm the truth of the Creation; and to demonstrate the magnificence of our eternal Creator God.

Christians and War
Purchase paperback, 49 pages, $6.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $2.40
    What should the attitude - or belief - or a Christian be about war? 
    What are today's headlines doing to your heart?  Do they make you more suspicious of others?  Are they causing you to fear?  Do they make you want to seek revenge?
    "Christians and War" deals with these issues of war, fear, and a desire for revenge by surveying the Old and New Testaments, the Early Church beliefs - and by looking at the Psychology of War itself.

The Psychology of Jesus
Purchase paperback, 49 pages, $6.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $2.40
    This book compares - and contrasts - the Psychology of the World with the Psychology of Jesus. 
    It looks at the teaching of Freud, Rogers, Maslow and others - and discusses what is called "Christian Psychology."  Issues such as Self-esteem, Guilt, Unconditional Love and Anger are discussed in light of the Psychology of Jesus; and the way is pointed toward a truly Biblical approach to therapy.

The Sons of Ishmael  (A Look at Worldwide Terrorism)
Purchase paperback, 140 pages, $10.00 plus S/H
Purchase eBook: $4.80
This book is a must for anyone concerned about worldwide terrorism.
Many people in America and Europe think of the Arabs - the Sons of Ishmael as spoken of in the Bible - and the religion of Islam as a threat to their Western way of life. 
In this book, we investigate that belief by looking at those Sons of Ishmael: their beginning, their secular and biblical history, the beginning and development of the religion of Islam - and their possible connection to worldwide terrorism.
We also look at the history of terrorism - along with the history and current activities of some specific terrorist groups including Hamas, Al Queda and Isis. 
We then pursue the causes of terrorism, some possible solutions to the problem - and finally, we take a look at the probable future of terrorism - including the issue of current and growing cyber-terrorism in the world around us.

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