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"The Rain of Fire" 
by Philip Hayes 
(Crossville, Tennessee)
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Discusses an end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

"The 144,000 Sealed" 
by Tim Butler 
(Tracy City, Tennessee)
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Speaks of the "sealing" of the 144,000
as taking place at the beginning of the Great Tribulation;
and says they are the "whole Israel of God."

"The Elijah Message" 
by Arthur Reece 
(Marietta, Georgia)
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Tells of Places of Refuge in the "wilderness."

"Rapture and Resurrection" 
by Daniel Cox 
(Wimborne, England)
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Shows that the Rapture and Resurrection
take place at the "last trump:"
at the end of the tribulation.

"Man's Way or God's Way
by Randall Walton 
(McMinnville, Tennessee)
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Speaks of the Mark of the Beast
in Government, Economics and Religion.

"The First Four Seals of Revelation
by Richard Perry 
(Athens, Georgia)
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Describes the First Four Seals as corresponding
to the "beginning of birth pains"
on the earth.

"Seven Heads and Ten Horns"
by James C. Taylor
(Woodstock, GA)
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Discusses the seven heads and ten horns of Revelation;
and presents an interpretation of what they are.

"The Provocation in Prophecy"
by James Lloyd
(Jacksonville, Oregon)
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Presents the Old Testament provocation by 
the children of Israel as a fore-runner 
of a similar end-time event.

"What of the Night?"
by Randall Walton
(McMinnville, Tennessee)
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Speaks of the present-day lukewarm church; 
and says a "sword is coming."

"666: It's All About Control"
by James C. Taylor
(Woodstock, GA)
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Discusses in detail the verses in 
the Book of Revelation that speak of 
what we call "The Mark of the Beast."

"The Rapture of the Church"
by Wayne King
(McMinnville, TN)
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Discusses the history of the Pre-tribulation rapture belief
and presents arguments for the truth of the
Post-tribulation Rapture of the Church

"Will America Go the Way of Sodom?"
by Darren Morrison
(Marietta, GA)
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Discusses the America of today and suggests ways,
including prayer and humbling oneself before God,
to try to save the nation.

"New Illumination from God's Word"
[Part One]
by Doug Krieger
(Sacramento, CA)
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Says the 7 Lampstands of Zechariah and the 7 Trumpets
of Revelation must be seen as but One Lampstand
and One Trumpet.  Speaks of the 30 minutes of Revelation 8:1
being equal to the extra 30 days 
(beyond the 1260 days of prophecy) in Daniel 12:11.
Discusses the Five Months of Revelation 9, 
the Wrath of God and the Lamb, and more...

"New Illumination from God's Word"
[Part Two]
by Doug Krieger
(Sacramento, CA)
Discusses the unity of the "earthquakes" in Revelation;
and says they are all the same quake.  Speaks again of the
"Five Month Problem" of Revelation 9, the 7 Trumpets being
seen as One; and concludes by discussing the 
Woman of Revelation 12 and the Fall of Babylon.

"God Has a Controversy with America"
by Arthur Reece
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A word to America - "the lamb that spake as a dragon."
Judgment is at hand!

"Kept From the Hour:
A Study of Revelation 3:10"
by Robert Hawes
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Discusses Revelation 3:10 and shows that it cannot
refer to a Pre-tribulation Rapture as some say;
then he offers an alternative interpretation 
that he says better fits the context - 
and better harmonizes with other scriptures.

Isaiah 4 (An End Time Prophecy)
by James C. Taylor
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Looks at the six verses in Isaiah chapter 4 as a 
prophecy of the Church on earth during the Tribulation
showing God's protection and provision for his people.

"Idols in the Tent"
by James C. Taylor
Do you have an idol in your tent?  Will you be willing
and ready to get up off it when the time comes?
Discusses three particular idols that relate to the Antichrist's worldwide Babylonian system of the End Time.  

"The False Prophet"
by James C. Taylor
Discusses the two "Beasts" of Revelation 13 
as being a "nation-beast" and a "man-beast" and says 
the Antichrist (the "man-beast") is the False Prophet.

"Counting the Number of the Beast"
by Helen Berrong
Discusses the meaning of "counting the number of
the beast" and recommends a book that deals with the
biblical significance in the number six (6). 

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Who are the Overcomers?
James C. Taylor
(Woodstock, Georgia)
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In Chapter One of the Revelation, we're told, "Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things that are written therein: for the time is at hand" (Rev. 1:3).
The Overcomers are those who not only read or hear the words of this prophecy; they are those who "keep" the things written in the Book of Revelation.  It's not enough to just read or hear God's Word; it's the action of "keeping" the Word that makes one an Overcomer.  God is calling to those who would be Overcomers; and he says, "the time is at hand."
Whenever the church body fails to come up to the standards set by God, he finds a few in the church that will bear the responsibility which the church as a whole ought to, but fails to bear.  He chooses a company of the faithful few to represent the church in the demonstration of the victory of Christ.
The Overcomer line is never cut; and they are not some special class.  They are simply those people who conform to the original plan of God.
Let's face it.  The professing church: those who want to be called by his name, have failed God.  They are the "seven women" described by Isaiah who "take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach" (Isa. 4:1).
In a real sense, they want to eat the bread of the world; not the true "bread of life" (John 6:35).  They want to wear their own apparel; not be clothed in righteousness: in the "white raiment" of the Overcomers (Rev. 3:5).  But, they still want to be called by his name to be looked upon with some sort of favor - to take away their reproach.
God is not looking for that kind of follower.  He's calling to the Overcomer.  Overcomers don't mess around with God.  They stay the course.  
If you take a good look, you will see that the promises in the Seven Letters to Churches in the Book of Revelation are to the Overcomers; not to the church at large.  In each of them, Jesus speaks to the members of the church and generally tells them the good and bad of their particular state.  But, he makes his promises only to the Overcomers.
God the Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is calling us to be Overcomers.  Only by overcoming the world through the Spirit of Christ, and living in the victory he won, will we obtain the promises he speaks of in the Letters to the Churches. 

"Israel and the Church"
by Fred London
**To contact the author, click here**
Discusses "Replacement Theology" and
the concept of Israel as God's covenant
"chosen people" in terms of the relationship
between the Church and Israel.

"Timeline for the Tribulation"
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
by Tim Butler
(Tracy City, TN)
**To contact the author, click here**
Discusses the events of the Tribulation of the
End times in some detail in three parts.
[Click on the part you want to read.]

"What Would a 'Post-tribulation'
Church Look Like?"
 by Mark McMillion
(Austin, TX)
**To contact the author, click here**
Asks the title question; and offers some thoughts
on what such a congregation would be -
or should be like.

"Storm Warnings"
by Jim Sayles
(Cedar Park, TX)
**To contact the author, click here**
Describes three of his prophetic dreams
related to the coming "Storm of the Lord,"
including a specific revelation concerning
the future of America.

Rapture Teachers"
by Willy Minnix
**To contact the author, click here**
Presents a number of incorrect methods
Pre-trib Rapture teachers use to explain
so-called "Pre-trib proofs."

"End of the Age"
by Anthony Ben
(Lagos, Nigeria)
**To contact the author, click here**
Discusses the three stages of the End of 
the Age: the Perilous Times, the Tribulation
and the Wrath of God.

"End Times"
by Carlton Mills
**To contact the author, click here**
Discusses the over-throw of Satan's kingdom
and how he got to that point by presenting the
rise and fall of nations of the world that
leads up to the establishment of the 
Kingdom of God on earth.

"The Opening of the Fourth Seal:
War, Famine, Plague"
by Suzanna
(New Zealand)
**To contact the author, click here**
Summarizes the First Four Seals of Revelation 6
and focuses on the Fourth; especially on
Plagues.  Says God always warns his people
of coming judgments; and encourages us all
to prepare for what lies ahead.

"Signs of the Times"
Author Unknown
Gives a number of specific examples 
to indicate that we are living in the days 
leading up to the "End of Civilization."
Says that all of these "Signs of the Times"
are a warning from God.

"The New World Order"
by Irvin Baxter
Says a One World Government is forming
right now.  Offers scriptures as well as quotes
from some dignitaries referring to that New World Order as evidence.

"God's Prophetic Calendar"
by Jim Sayles
Discusses the "Appointed times and 
Feasts of the Lord" as they relate to 
their fulfillment in the life of Jesus
and in the prophetic End Time to come.​