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      End Time Overcomers
This Web site is dedicated to the Church - in its finest hour.
                               We are James C. and Carol K. Taylor.

    We have been Christians for over 30 years and have lived most of our lives in the Willamette Valley of Oregon except for some time in California, central Oregon, and about a year in Arizona half-way between Phoenix and Tucson.
    In September, 1975, we were baptized together in a river in a State Park a few miles southwest of Salem, the capital city of Oregon.  We have been serving the Lord to the best of our ability ever since.
    We are not affiliated with - nor do we belong to - any church or denomination; but we try to be of help and give encouragement to all believers everywhere; especially those who hold to a Post-tribulation Rapture belief.  In October, 2012, we moved from Oregon to Georgia where we currently attend a small church in Marietta, GA.  However, we continue to remain independent so we can fulfill the Lord's will for us as we believe it to be.
    Our mission and purpose is to preach Jesus Christ and the Mark of the Beast.  It is our hope and prayer that we are able to encourage and exhort everyone; especially the professing Christian Church, to prepare for the difficult times that lie ahead.
    We are committed to the task of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the truth of the prophecies about the time of the end - through literature - and through our websites.
    We have books available through this website.  You will find previews of them, along with ordering instructions, on our "Books for Sale" page.  You will also find other books by other authors for sale on our sister website www.posttribpeople.com.
You may contact us at our e-mail address endtimeovercomers@att.net.

The Crown of Life
Norma Rose King

**This poem is presented as a tribute to Carol's sister who passed away in June, 2010**

Here I lie on my satin bed, a satin pillow 'neath my head,
Satin slippers upon my feet, a golden braid flung from my hair.

I look around; and I can see everyone that I have known.
Tears are lying on their cheeks.  It is too late - I am alone.

They did not come when I did call.  Now they cry - they are in pain.
It is too late.  They did not hear; and a golden belt is around my waist.

I felt so said, I did cry, "Jesus, help them all please."
Then I saw his light of love; a golden veil upon my face.

Here I lie on my satin bed, a satin pillow 'neath my head,
Satin slippers upon my feet, a crown of life upon my head.

A golden braid flung from my hair, a golden belt upon my waist,
Satin slippers upon my feet, a golden veil upon my face.

Now I wear the crown of life: no more worry, no more strife.
To be with Jesus eternally; for the crown of life he gave to me.

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